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For this week’s assignment, identify one (1) of the course objectives (see below) you would like to explore further.
At a minimum include:

Your name and the objective selected
A demonstration of what the objective is – explain it, define it, and/or outline it
Provide at least three (3) examples to support your information
Use a minimum of three (3) resources and provide sources used
A minimum of five (5) slides should be presented in addition to your title slide and resources slide
Points deducted for unprofessional spelling and grammar.

Course Objectives
Describe the various types of food and beverage functions and their purposes.
Forecast production and service needs.
Understand and explain the typical caterers objectives.
Know the main differences among the various types of service styles.
Determine food, beverage, and labor needs.
Understand what caterers are willing to negotiate.
Explain the types of paperwork caterers use the BEO, resume, and contract.
Describe the typical room setups caterers use.
Understand the importance of space requirements and room appearance.
Describe the departments in the typical hotel or conference center that support the catering function.
Explain the difference between low-cost events and deep market events.
Describe the typical outside suppliers meeting planners must deal with and how to work with them to achieve the events objectives.
Describe the major challenges caterers face.

3 objectives
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