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The Required Project is a Scientific Research Paper ( MSc Level ) should be in the field of information security
in a hot topic and the title should suggest a problem and solution of a hot topic written in quality for a genuine idea
in that field:

1. 2500 words, not less.
2. all the references should be no less than year 2015.
3. the scientific article will be published in a scientific journal.
4. no replication or copies for ideas are allowed,just references and quotes are allowed.
5. The paper should be delivered in the time.
6. The solution Idea Should be genuine.
7. All the necessary drawing, statistics, and formulas should be included.
8. No Plagiarism is allowed (sorry to mention that I have liseted the journals rules, I know very well how good is the website and authers / editors good reputation).
9. Papers with listing of challenges , comparison (as example is not allowed) theories in general is not allowed a practical problem / practical solution domain is only allowed. (it’s a computer science paper).
10. IEEE format is required.
11. Thank you very much.

A Scientifically Research Paper ( MSc Level ) in the field of information security.
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