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A1.    Management Capstone Student Project: The students will be given a specific firm-level challenge to handle in their final report.  This could involve outsourcing decisions, the decision to go public in a difficult financial environment, considering a merger/takeover etc.  They will be asked to identifying an appropriate management policy with an evaluation of associated the pros and cons.  The paper should also include a discussion of how the firm will operationalize the policy through its finance, marketing and operations divisions.  Six scores are given.  The criterion for each is: the quality of the writing style and effectiveness (G1O1); the feasibility and strength of the recommended management policy, including its linkages to information gathered in the literature and the business press (M4O1); the ability to recognize appropriate pros and cons with recommended actions to be taken for downside risk (M2O1); the suggested expected impact on the organizations performance (MGMT1); the strength of the plan for deploying resources that will effectively result in a satisfactory outcome (MGMT1) and for the ability to demonstrate the efficacy of technology  practices in the context of globalization (MGMT-LO1) .

A1. Management Capstone
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