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You will choose an artist, explore their work and background, and reflect on the artist’s practice. You should not only display an understanding of what the artist does visually and conceptually, but also how their work fits into an art and historical context. You will collect at least 6 images, each labeled with artist, title, date, media, and size, and reflect on these works.
2- 3 typed pages, double-spaced, one-inch margins Times New Roman, 12pt font In the two written pages you will provide a bio, explain the concepts behind the work, and how the visuals present in the work illustrate those concepts. Also, in the PDF, you will include 3 pages of images. Each of these three pages will have two images from the artist (6 total), properly labeled.
List of Artist to choose from:
Albrecht Drer, Andy Warhol,  Auguste Renoir, Berthe Morisot Caravaggio Claude Lorrain Claude Monet Edgar Degas douard Manet Edward Hopper El Greco Eugne Delacroix Francisco de Goya Franz Marc Frida Kahlo Georges Braque Georges Seurat Georgia O’Keeffe Giacomo Balla Gian Lorenzo Bernini Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Henri Matisse Jackson Pollock Jacques-Louis David Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Lee Krasner Leonardo da Vinci M.C. Escher Marcel Duchamp Mark Chagall Mark Rothko Mary Cassatt Michelangelo Pablo Picasso Paul Czanne Paul Gauguin Paul Klee Peter Paul Rubens Piet Mondrian Raphael Rembrandt Robert Rauschenberg Salvador Dali Sandro Botticelli Thodore Gricault Tintoretto Titian Vincent van Gogh Wassily Kandinsky Willem de Kooning

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