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(In the propose action section, you will describe and discuss three possible solutions (actions you might take) to the problem or issue you have selected for the focus of your AR. Your solutions should be based on the literature and original thoughts regarding possible actions or solutions. The solutions you present must be solutions that, from all appearances, could be used in the type of site where you are conducting your research. For example, you might find that a school in California tried a strategy related to your problem or issue. You believe the solution used in California could be used in your setting, so you include it in your proposal as a possible solution or strategy to implement. You will evaluate each possible solution in light of your work setting and fit with your AR question.

What if through all of your research you dont find solutions that you feel will work perfectly in your current situation? You are also free to devise strategies that have not been tried elsewhere.)

If you are willing to take this writing job, I will send you the research question and other information I already have. Thank you.

Action Research
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