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NURS 6501 Week 2 Quiz (2018): Advanced Pathophysiology -Walden University Question

 1 A patient has a disease state that results from the secretion of toxins by bacteria. Which medical diagnosis will the nurse see documented on the chart?

Question 2 An infant develops a fever secondary to a bacterial infection. Which of the following most likely triggered the fever?

Question 3 Exhaustion occurs if stress continues and _____ is not successful.

Question 4 When a patient presents at the emergency department for an allergic reaction, the nurse recognizes the most severe consequence of a type I hypersensitivity reaction is:

Question 5 Which of the following hormones activates adrenergic receptors?

Question 6 Which of the following individuals would be at greatest risk for an opportunistic infection?

Question 7 A patient has a tissue growth that was diagnosed as cancer. Which of the following terms best describes this growth?

Question 8 A 35-year-old male is diagnosed with a hormone-secreting tumor of the adrenal medulla. He experiences elevated blood pressure, pupil dilation, “goose bumps,” and increased anxiety. Which of the following hormones is the predominant one released by the tumor?

Question 9 A 50-year-old female experiences decreased blood pressure, decreased oxygen delivery, cardiovascular shock, and subsequent death. A complication of endotoxic shock is suspected. Which of the following is the most likely cause?

Question 10 A 30-year-old female presents to her primary care provider reporting fatigue, excessive sweating, and increased appetite. Physical examination reveals protruding eyes, and laboratory testing reveals hyperthyroidism secondary to autoantibody production. This disorder falls into the category of type _____ hypersensitivity.

Question 11 A 3-year-old is making play cakes in a sandbox and is eating the play cakes. The sand was also being used by cats as a litter box and was contaminated with toxoplasmosis. Which of the following would most likely also be present?

Question 12 A 30-year-old female is diagnosed with cancer. Testing reveals that the cancer cells have spread to local lymph nodes. A nurse realizes this cancer would be documented as stage:

Question 13 A 30-year-old male is having difficulty breathing and has been spitting blood. He reports that he began experiencing this reaction after cleaning his pigeons’ cages. Testing reveals he is suffering from allergic alveolitis. Which of the following is he experiencing? Question 14 A 5-month-old child is admitted to the hospital with recurring respiratory infections. A possible cause of this condition is: Question 15 During inflammation, the liver is stimulated to release plasma proteins, collectively known as

Advanced Pathophysiology
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