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A part of the assignment was supposed to use group members work for the improved Literature Review but you can just use mine only as my instructor allowed. As for the data collected by my group members and myself, I provided you with that in the attachments ( Survey, Interview and Online Observations)
To clarify, It’s just that my group members haven’t shared their literature review and only their data.

Please let me know if any questions arise.

                                                Research Paper

The purpose of this individual paper is to exhibit your understanding of the various research concepts we have learned this semester: objective summary, source evaluation, literature review, presentation, argument analysis, and APA style. The aforementioned skills have prepared you for this paper and will help you set the foundation for your future academic, professional, and scholarly research.

Your final paper should take a position, select and integrate sources, and develop an original persuasive argument using APA style and documentation. In order to help both distribute the work load and get an overview of the paper as a whole, you will be required to create a detailed outline that you’ll then build into the final version of your paper. In this outline you will break the paper down into sections and insert the ideas, arguments, quotations, and other content that will fall under each of these sections. This outline will allow you to see the entire paper before it is completed; it will give you a strong foundation to start the paper from; it will also lead directly to your PowerPoint or Google slide presentation. Your research paper and presentation will be using the same content. In fact, the introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion will largely shape your presentation alongside highlights from your secondary research.

Organization and Development

Your paper should follow standard APA formatting (see chapter 22 of Everythings an Argument pp. 501 538) and must contain the following:
Title page
Literature Review (This is where ninety percent of your secondary sources will go.)
Methodology (detailed description of primary source materials)
Results (of primary source materials)
Discussion (basically interprets your results against the background of the literature review, also, how do your results contribute to your research question/thesis?)
Conclusion (limitations, next steps, and the all-important call to action)

Consider the following areas as you draft each section of your paper:

Title page:
Should be properly formatted and include only required elements (title, names, date)

Heading properly formatted
Provides a brief objective summary of the project in the present tense. (This should be the last element that you write.)

Introduction (Background/Context):
Headings properly formatted
Explain your overall topic in detail.
Provide factual information, which you can draw from your primary and secondary research material
Describe the specific research question that you and your group investigated for this project.
Write in the third person to give you the descriptive distance to lay out the facts in an objective, non-judgmental, and unbiased manner.

Literature Review:
Headings properly formatted
The Literature Review in your Research Paper should include your five sources (headings, summary paragraphs, and evaluation paragraphs)
For the introduction:
Expand upon your Literature Review’s introduction by examining the ideas and expanding on them.
Remember to transition to a discussion of credibility and why it’s specifically important concerning finding trustworthy information about your particular topic.
Conclude the introduction with a sentence or two about the rubric and how it measures source credibilityadings properly formatted
Include your rubric paragraph.
Reshape your concluding paragraph as such:
Provide a recap of the topic’s relevance, reiterating the most important facts that you feel define your overall topic.
End this final paragraph by explaining why credibility is essential in finding accurate information on your topic.

Headings properly formatted
Offer enough information to your readers about your primary research process for them to understand what you collected and how you collected it
For surveys, your methods would include describing who you surveyed, how many surveys you collected, decisions you made about your survey sample, and relevant demographic information about your participants (age, class level, major).
For interviews, introduce whom you interviewed and any other relevant information about interviewees such as their career or expertise area.
For observations, list the locations and times you observed and how you recorded your observations (i.e. double-entry notebook).
For all data types, you should describe how you analyzed your data.
Write in the third person to give you the descriptive distance to lay out the facts in an objective, non-judgmental, and unbiased manner.

Headings properly formatted
You should include specific details as supporting evidence to back up your findings. These details can be in the form of direct quotations, numbers, or observations.
Write in the third person to give you the descriptive distance to lay out the facts in an objective, non-judgmental, and unbiased manner.

Headings properly formatted
The discussion section presents your own interpretation of your results. This may include what you think the results mean or how they are useful to your larger argument.
How will you incorporate the results of your own fieldwork?
How do the various perspectives of your sources interact with one another?
How can you turn others arguments into a conversation in your research paper?
How will you include the oppositions stance?
Write in the third person to give you the descriptive distance to lay out the facts in an objective, non-judgmental, and unbiased manner.

Headings properly formatted
The conclusion discusses next steps. It often considers limitations in your study and recommends further options.
What do you want your audience to do as a result of reading your paper?
What is the future outlook of your topic?
Write in the third person to give you the descriptive distance to lay out the facts in an objective, non-judgmental, and unbiased manner.
Your call to action should be within this section of your essay.

Properly APA formatted list of every secondary source used in the paper.

This is where you will put your complete References page (your APA-formatted citations as well as the APA-formatted citations of each of your group mates, your group’s full primary research instruments (the surveys that you and your group conducted through Qualtric, including the actual questions and the graphs/charts that Qualtrics generated with the results, the transcript of your group’s interviews, including the questions, and your group’s observation log notes), and your Literature Review rubric.
You can also put any other information that you used to draw conclusions about your research findings and data. 

Your research paper counts for 200 points. Furthermore, your essay should:

Use the Times New Roman font in the twelve-point size and with one-inch margins on all sides.
Follow APA guidelines.
Grab your readers attention and clearly introduce as well as explain the topic.
Have a well-defined thesis, presenting the specific issue.
Contain an accurate, relevant, clear, and properly-formatted abstract.
Be well-organized into paragraphs and present information in a logical and meaningful order.
Use effective transitions and create solid cohesion and flow by explaining and expanding upon central ideas.
Present persuasive evidence for each finding.
Present a sufficient amount of fieldwork results/discussion and effectively incorporate these results.
Properly cite all sources on the References page.
Conclude by reiterating your thesis or research focus, concisely summarizing the main points of your paper, and calling the reader to action.
Review for grammar, spelling and any other mechanical errors.

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