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fter completing the assigned readings, choose 1 issue from the textbook Chapters 8 or 10 such as: planning for retirement, moving to an assisted living, facing age discrimination at work, living far away from children/family. Imagine you are the aging adult and you are facing this issue.
Use APA format including 12 pt. font, correct citations, reference list, title page, etc. Write 750-1000 words (approximately 3-4 pages), NOT including title page or reference page. Use your text PLUS 3 or more additional scholarly resources (such as journal articles).

For the issue you have chosen, explain the issue and then answer the following questions and support your answers with scholarly resources: (remember, YOU are the aging adult)

What information should you use to make a decision or improve your situation?
How can you approach this issue or what can you do to cope with this issue? (What is your solution?)
Who else (if anyone) should have input into this decision? (Who will be affected by the decision- who are stakeholders in your decision?)
What other factors impact this issue (factors such as monetary savings, marital status, health status)?

age discrimination at work
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