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Please choose one of the following topics and write a coherent, concise, clear essay that follows MLA conventions (12 point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, with 1 margins). The essay will need to be 12-15 pages in length. If you have trouble remembering MLA format, then check The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, or the handout that I gave you on the first day of the semester.

You will want to have a central thesis statement that will be the focal point of the essay. Also, you will need to have quotes from primary and secondary sources (8-10) that will support your thesis. Finally, you will want a conclusion that sums up your main ideas. Remember that I am your audience, so do not take it for granted that I know everything that you are writing about. You are the teacher teaching me!

This semester, we have been looking at the philosophy of the Absurd by Camus. Now, for your research paper, you will be researching and writing a paper which analyzes ONE of the following topics. This will be a large undertaking, and one that should not wait until the last minute! The earlier that you get started, the earlier that you commence with your researching, the more time that you will have to ask me for advice and questions that may arise.

As always, should you have any questions, do not hesitate to see me.

Below are a few selected topics that you may want to consider exploring:

Explore the philosophy of the Absurd in one of Camus other literary works (that we did not study this semester): either his short stories (pick no more than two to analyze individually in-depth, or compare and contrast); or his plays. If you choose to analyze Camus dramatic works, please only pick one play for in-depth analysis. Do not take knowledge of the absurd for granted and explore all aspects in this new work.

2. Pick one of the Camus scholars and examine his/her arguments in at least two of their essays. Argue where you believe he/she is right and where they are wrong in their assertions towards Camus, his philosophy and his work.

3. There are three fairly evident schools of philosophical thought in Washington Black: stoicism, Aristotleanism and Camuss philosophy of the absurd. Pick ONE of the schools of philosophical thought and write an expository essay in which you elaborate on its tenants within the novel.

Albert Camus The Stranger/The Plague
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