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Writing project 4 consists of three parts that should be placed in the following order: (1) your research
question, (2) the literature review, and (3) the annotated bibliography. All three sections should be in
one document uploaded to Canvas. Although you will be able to write the literature review only after
you complete the annotated bibliography, the lit review should be the second item in the document.
The literature review section should be between 400 and 550 words, and it should directly address the
research question by synthesizing information from four to six relevant authoritative sources included in
the annotated bibliography. The lit review is a typical feature of most research papers; it summarizes
and synthesizes the sources that are most relevant to address a topic. This section should give your
readers an overview of the research you have completed on the topic, noting how they relate to answer
the research question.
The evaluative annotated bibliography must include ten authoritative sources with at least six of those
sources contained in an Santa Fe College library database or eBook. Each annotation should summarize,
assess, contextualize, and explain how you would use the source to address the research question. The
annotated bibliography should adhere to MLA style.

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