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Proposal Guidelines:

1) You must include a thesis statement (what your contextual analysis of the show you have chosen will tell us about the show), and a little bit about how you plan to make that argument (what your evidence is). Provide a bibliography of at least three sources, but include as many as you want.

2) You are not required to have academic sources, though you might want to have them for reference if you are talking about specific historical events or how other writers and scholars have viewed and reported those events. HOWEVER, if you are talking about things included in pieces of legislation, FCC documents, or something else, you do not need to refer to the textbook or a secondary source, you can (and should) cite that document itself as a primary source.

Write a one page proposal with thesis for the show Gossip Girl based on the requirement above, below is what I wanna talk about
“I found the business aspect of television very interesting, therefore for my final project I would like to dig into one show and analyze the commercial in it, how do they represent the economic and society back then, who are their targeted audience, and why would the production team choose certain brands to do commercial for and why would the companies choose the show to show their product to the viewers. I would like to choose shows like Gossip Girls which its targeted viewers are around my age, I feel like shows like this would be more relevant to my life and I would have a better understanding of it.”

american television
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