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Task 1: A technical paper will be given to the student by his/her Project Supervisor and he/she will be required to write an abstract and a critical analysis based on the scientific information available in the paper.                    [80 marks (Abstract: 35 Marks & Critical Analysis: 45 marks)]
Abstract: The Abstract must contain description of the topic, important applications of the topic, brief description about previous literature present in the paper, methodology adopted by the author, important results obtained and conclusions derived from the results. The word count is limited to 250 words and keywords should be written at the end of the abstract

Critical Analysis: With the introduction to the topic, students are expected to critically analyze the literature part that contains key findings of previous authors, methodology adopted in given paper, parameters used for analysis, analyze the results obtained (from graphs/tables), important conclusions derived based on the result, strength and weaknesses in the paper and scope of further investigations identified. Each topic has to be separately presented in the form of paragraphs and the word count for this part is 1500.

Ammonia production
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