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The structure of the presentation is attached as a file:

Further details;
Apply the organizational behavior concepts to a real-life case in a specific organization.
Drawing upon Organizational Behavior research and theories, you are required to explain how that topic applies to this case. For example, if the group picks the OB topic of motivation, that group may discuss how a specific company, for example, Aramco, applies in practice different theories of motivation. The purpose of this assignment is:

1. To demonstrate mastery of key Organizational Behavior terms and concepts
2. To synthesis about organizational behavior topics.
3. To critically evaluate real-life scenarios of organizational behavior.

OB Topics to choose 1 from ONLY and applying their theory and concept to the business case study which is a specific  “SAUDI ORGANIZATION” chosen by the writer; the writer should give choices to choose from so he/she can move forward with the presentation details assigned.

Topic 1; Attitude
Topic 2; Emotions
Topic 3; Diversity Management
Topic 4; Personality
Topic 5; Perceptual Process
Topic 6; Basics of Motivation
Topic 7; Applied Motivation
Topic 8; Group Behavior
Topic 9; Leadership
Topic 10; Power and politics

For references for the topic theories and concept you can use “Essentials of Organizational Behavior” book global edition 14 by Stephen P. Robbins & Timothy A. Judge.

Analysis of A Business Case
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