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This assignment asks you to do an analysis of Emma Gonzalezs We call BS!, student rally post Parkland mass shooting speech
the link is:

and write an essay that explains how the text works to characterize and address the rhetorical situation. It is meant to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the concept, to practice doing a critical reading of a text, and to work on crafting strong analytical thesis statements. Once you have read and closely analyzed the text, please write a paper that answers the following question

How does the text create and respond to the rhetorical situation?

Please note that this question does not ask you to talk about how well the text responds to the situation. That is, you are not talking about whether it is a good or appropriate response. Instead, you are looking at how the text defines the situation and responds to the situation it constitutes.

-The paper should provide textual evidence from the speech. When you are analyzing the text, please quote directly from the text (citing the paragraph number.) You should NOT use any other sources other than the primary text (the speech) and Bitzer and/or Vatz.
***the reading for Vatz and Bitzer will be attached

You are not allowed to do outside Internet research about what other people have said about the speech. I am interested in your reading of the speech itself. The primary focus of this paper should be how the speech creates an address as the rhetorical situation.

– Your paper must be between 1500-1800 words. It should include a final word count, page numbers, and an appropriate title. It must be double spaced with 1 inch margins in Times new Roman, 12 point font. it should include a bibliography in MLA format.

Please note the worksheet attached is to help you organize your thoughts, you should use it as a map.

official document reading this prompt will be included. Page number does not have to equal 6 as long as it is 1500-1800 words.

Analysis of the rhetorical situation
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