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The Company will be Royal Dutch Shell the oil and gas company.

Use the concepts of Supply chain management, competitive strategy, marketing, accounting/ finance, labor, or business ethics. Use up to two concepts.

1. Introduction: Introduce the companywhat are they and what do they do? What is its
history? How did they develop? How are they structured (multi- domestic, truly global, etc.)?
2. Problem: What problem(s) did the businesses face and what were theprimary causes?
What additional factors affected the situation? How did the businesses work to solve the
problem(s)? Were the businesses successful in solving the problem(s)? Why or why not?
3. Implications: What are the potential implications of the issues the companies faced? In
other words, how did (or how will) the problem impact thebusinesses?
4. Analysis: How can the theories and concepts we have learned in class beapplied to or
explain the situation?
5. Conclusion: What is the international outlook for the companys future (if you do not
think your company will expand internationally, you must give a reason why using the
concepts we have studied this semester.)
6. References Page (One page that is in addition to your 4-6 page requirement): List each of
the sources you used to write your paper at the end of your paper. This page does not count
as a page of written text. Theseshould be in MLA format. Sources MUST be properly cited
throughout the paper using MLA format (in-text citations).

Analytical paper over international business
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