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Something that bugs me is . . ..
Something I feel our society doesn’t do enough is . . ..
Something I feel our society does too much of is . . ..
Something that concerns me that I believe more people should be aware of is . . ..
A program I’d like to see expanded/developed locally is . . ..

Annotated Bibliography Tips: Finding Worthwhile, Credible Sources
1.Background information about the problem
2.Background information about previous or alternative solutions
3.Information about at least two opposing or alternative perspectives
4.Information about another place’s success in implementing your plan (or a similar one) 
5.One or more sources validating other sources
6.One or more sources validating researchers’ credentials
7.One or more sources providing data pertinent to your proposal

Annotating Checklist
1. What issue is the work focusing on, and what is the writer’s thesis or main idea?
2. What is the writer’s stance on this issue?
3. What is the writer’s purpose or reason for writing?
4. What kind of audience is the writer addressing? How might this audience influence the writer’s content and approach? 
5. Does the argument appear in a popular periodical or scholarly journal? What other source features might undercut or enhance this piece’s credibility?
6. Does the writer seem to assume readers will agree with the article’s position?
7. What evidence does the writer use to support the essay’s thesis? Does the writer include relevant, detailed, convincing, and current evidence?
8. What opposing arguments does the writer consider, and how does the writer respond to these perspectives?
9. Are there any unfamiliar terms used in this work that cannot be determined by their context? If so, list and define.
10. What points does the author make with which you agree? With which ones do you disagree?
11. Do the views the writer expresses in this article concur with or counter the views presented in most of the other sources you are using? Explain.

Annotated bibliography
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