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Imagine you are a student at a small, rural college campus radio station. This station, with its complement online streaming service, serves a geographic area of approximately 4,500 students, faculty, and staff and community members. This station operates as a Part 15 AM educational training facility, designed to prepare students for internships and/or eventual employment at a variety of media venues in larger markets.

Your challenges for this project are as follows–>

1. Research and thoroughly explain an FCC Part 15 AM station.

> How is it regulated? Describe and explain those parameters?

> What is the frequency range on which a Part 15 station may operate?

> How far can this type of station’s signal radiate or how much distance can its signal cover geographically?

> If this type of station plays music, does it have to report to ASCAP, BMI, or SoundExchange to ensure artists are paid for their songs (IP = intellectual property) that are played? [You will have to research, define, and describe the relationship of these three organizations to radio broadcasting and signal streaming.]

> Are there any restrictions for advertising products, services, or events on a Part 15 AM station?

2. Create your own “legal station ID” and assign an appropriate frequency to your station.

3. What is YOUR recommendation for programming this station to appeal to primary listeners in demographic of 18-24?

> Create a ONE-HOUR Rotation Wheel (see example) that depicts what type of programming will be aired and when (programming does not have to be solely music; however, describe your alternatives). (EXAMPLE ATTACHED)

4. Describe at least TWO programming strategies as discussed in lecture and in the text that you will implement to make this station SUCCESSFUL 🙂

5. Describe the value the knowledge and training about a Part 15 AM station may have for future communication practitioners of all areas.

NOTATIONS: This project should be no less than 5 pages in length with one inch margins, double-spaced text, and a 12-point font. Your supporting graphics should be embedded in your paper document. And, you should offer no less than 7 to 10 APA Style References. Please see class “Announcements” for information and resources on APA Style.

Answering questions in essay form about fake radio station
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