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This explanation is directly from the professor:

The final product should be formatted using APA guidelines for writing a research paper, that is you must have all the following parts: cover page, abstract page, body of paper (introduction, literature review, discussion/limitations and conclusion sections; 5 page minimum for body of paper; and a reference sheet).  You will introduce the topic and explain the reason for the inquiry in the introduction. A clear thesis/research question should be posted in the introduction paragraph.  The body (literature review section) of your paper will be where you compile the information on the topic while providing any criticism (limitations section) in how the questions have been answered, whilst identifying any gaps in the research.  Finally, conclude (conclusion section) your paper by including a quick summary and suggesting future inquiries for the topic.  A separate reference sheet citing all sources used in your paper must be included.  All sources must be peer reviewed.  You must cite/use a minimum of three references. The paper must be typed, 8 pages minimum, double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.  All must be your original work.  Papers will be turned in digitally on-line and they will be put through a plagiarism checker.

Please do not use Wikipedia. Use credible sites/books.

Antisocial personality disorder and how genetics, brain function and environment influence it
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