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Although smoking tobacco is considered an unhealthy habit almost worldwide, there are still countless people that believe there is nothing bad in inhaling smoke that contains nicotine. Some people claim shisha (flavor Tobacco) to be less harmful to peoples health. It is more acceptable from the social point of view, because shisha smoke often has a fruit flavor, unlike cigarettes. However, there is strong evidence that smoking shisha is much more harmful to peoples health than regular cigarettes or pipes.“Although many users think it is less harmful, hookah smoking has many of the same health risks as cigarette smoking. Hookah smoking is NOT a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. Tobacco users should quit all tobacco products to reduce health risks.

Many young people find hookah to be cool and fun since it is more affordable and more accessible than cigarettes or other tobacco products and more young people are attracted to do hookah.  As a young health educator, I will educate young people about tobacco use and health risks even though hookah has a cool shape and good inhalation flavor still has health risks like the others. for instance; A 60 MINUTE HOOKAH SESSION IS THE SAME AS SMOKING 100 CIGARETTES. THE SMOKE FROM A HOOKAH STILL CONTAINS TAR AND CARCINOGENS AND CAN DAMAGE THE LUNGS AND HEART JUST AS MUCH AS CIGARETTE SMOKE. I will also provide statistic, health risk testimonies after using tobacco products and videos to raise awareness of using hookah or other tobacco products.

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As a health educator I would supply pamphlets to all college students with important and accurate information on the potential effects of hookah use. I would handout these pamphlets in the clinic, places where college students usually congregate, where there are student fliers and pamphlets and on bullet boards. 
            The information I would have in the pamphlets would be accurate information directly from the CDC. Here are some important facts according to the CDC: Hookah tobacco and smoke contain many toxic agents that can cause clogged arteries and heart disease, infections may be passed to other smokers by sharing a hookah, babies born to hookah smokers are also at increased risk for respiratory diseases and the amount of smoke inhaled during a typical hookah session is about 90,000 ml compares with 500-600 ml inhaled when smoking a cigarette.
            I would also include facts like hookah tobacco use exposes users to high levels of harmful chemicals and is associated with short-term and long-term health effects, including cancer and lung disease (Fitzpatrick, Johnson, Tercyak, Hawkins, Villanti & Mays, 2019) and also that smoking hookah has numerous side effects because Hookah smoke includes 4000 chemical materials most of which are produced during burning process and are combined with more than 40 carcinogenic materials (Momenabadi, Kaveh, Hashemi & Borhaninejad, 2016).

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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