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Critical Thinking Questions:

Throughout the semester you are responsible for answering four critical thinking questions related to topics covered in this course.  These questions are designed to make you think about the complexities of environmental issues.  You will be able to apply the knowledge you have gained from this course to form well thought out answers.  You will also be asked to provide your personal perspective on these issues. Your focus should be on supporting your answer as there is not a right or wrong answer to the question.

Each response is worth twenty points and is required to be a minimum of two pages, single-spaced typed (12 Arial font with 1-inch margins) not including name, heading, or question.  Each critical thinking question will be submitted via Canvas either saved as a .doc(x), .rtf, or .pdf. Please be aware that they are due before the beginning of class.  Also, come prepared to discuss your answers with the class.

Using ideas and material from the environmental philosophy, ethics, and economic units (Chapter 1 of the text) make an argument for preserving the environment. You must address why we should preserve nature AND make suggestions for how to do it. 

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