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The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate that you can evaluate media sources.

You must submit your responses to the assignment below in an essay format.

Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words, not including your “Works Cited” section at the end of your essay.
Submit your responses in the text box provided when you click on “submit assignment.”
Do not attach any files to your submission.
Your essay will be automatically checked through the “Turn It In” system, so make sure that you are responsibly citing your sources, including quotation marks around quoted material, and using your own words for any summarizing or paraphrasing.

Find news articles that address some aspect of climate change from three different publications – make sure the subject of the article is the same in each source. Choose one news source from each column:

A    B    C
The Intercept    AP    Fox News
Democracy Now!    Reuters    New York Post
Mother Jones    The Hill    News Max
The Daily Beast    Washington Post    Washington Times
Vanity Fair    New York Times    Breitbart
Vice News    L.A Times    Washington Free Beacon
CounterPunch    CNN    Daily Caller
Truth Dig    New Yorker    Washington Examiner
Daily Kos    Wall St. Journal    CNS News
Truth Out    Politico    The Federalist

How do the articles differ in their approach to the story? Can you identify any bias? Is there information included in some articles that is left out in others? Why do you think the information was not included? Which do you find most credible? Why?

The more reasoning and depth to your analysis, the better.  You should submit an essay of 500 to 1000 words in order to ensure you have developed your ideas adequately. Don’t forget to include your in-text citations and a Works cited section at the end of your essay.

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