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    2-3 page individual summary (single-spaced, 12 pt font, in your own words) due will be submitted on Canvas and screened for plagiarism using Turnitin. Papers are compared to 1) other students in this class, 2) papers submitted by any institution, 3) the internet in general. Plagiarized papers will receive 0 points and additional investigation. 

    Summary should include answers to the following:
o    Name of the disease
o    Name of the virus and major physical characteristics, including size, structure, genetic information, etc.
o    Method and portal(s) of entry, Portal(s) of exit
    Including: how it gets into the body, which cells are affected, how it enters and replicates inside cells, and how it causes disease inside the body/cells; also include how it exits the body
o    Symptoms and signs, including incubation period, duration  o Epidemiology and Method of transmission 
    Including: who gets the disease (age, sex, etc.)? Where in the U.S. and in the world (including rates: infection, deaths, recovery)? How does the disease spread between individuals? o Prevention and/or Treatment 
    How long does the virus survive on objects? Which objects/materials are more or less likely to carry the virus?
    How can we destroy the virus outside of the body?  What is it susceptible to? 
    Prevention and possible treatments in humans?
o    Any additional information you believe is relevant/important o List of references (required; is NOT included toward the 2-3 page requirement) 

Any topic (writer’s choice)
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