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Due Thursday of Week 4 (20 pts)

Write at least 175 words response to the discussion question below:

First, explore various public datasets, such as CMS, CDC, state health agencies and HospitalCompare website. Consider the concept of organizational transparency.

DQ: Should all or most clinical data, such as HAI, readmission, etc. be made available to the public? Public data sets do not include PHI or violate HIPPA. Use peer reviewed reference(s) to support your response.

At your workplace, how much and what type of data shared with the public.

Use peer reviewed or scholarly reference(s) to support your response in your own words, no direct quotes allowed in discussion. This is space to hone your writing skills. See Instructor Policies for reference requirements. Government health agencies, leading health non-profit (American Cancer/Health), leading professional society HiMSS; but no other .org, .com, .net or .edu.
UOP or Course Strategy Guide should never be used as a reference. Send message for any questions/clarification.
***Do not simply reference a URL. APA formatting, but without double spacing and hanging indent okay in the discussion forum.

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