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The purpose of this assignment is an opportunity to recognize real-life problems in the area of human resources management (HRM) and to provide solutions to the hospitality industry. Complete the following:
1. Discuss with your group members HRM-related issues that are worth investigating.
2. Submit Final Group Project Paper and PPT slides.

Font: Times New Roman or Arial. The font is to be 12 point.
Page Margins: Left: 1 Right: 1 Top: 1 Bottom: 1
Page Numbering: Bottom-centered small numbers.
Content of the Report:
Center the title at the top of the page. The title should sufficiently demonstrate the overall report (do not make a title like Final Group Project Report.) Other information should be vertically and horizontally centered on the bottom of the page

!!!!!!!Body of Paper (PAGE NUMBER STARTS HERE)!!!!!!!
The body of the paper should be about 9 pages long, excluding the cover page, references and appendices (single-spaced, but double-spaced among paragraphs). Suggested sections include:
-Executive summary: summarize the entire report in one page. This section summarizes the entire document.
If your group decided not to conduct an interview, briefly explain what your group did to come up with two HR concerns (e.g., is it from the news or personal experience?, how often have you discussed? What were other suggestions?) If the HR concerns were elicited from the personal experience, the characteristics of the service organization should be explained here (e.g., size, location, and major customer segments).
-HR concerns: (1) demonstrate one or two HR concerns; (2) explain why those concerns are important.
-Critical evaluation: demonstrate your evaluation of why the HR concerns exist (e.g., is it because of leadership or the environment? Why the managerial effort to resolve the issues fail?) Event without interviews, you can analyze why such HR issues exist.
-Solutions: provide specific, constructive suggestions. It is important to highlight that each group should not propose trivial solutions (e.g., Firms should be nice to employees, firms should hire qualified employees) but suggest specific, constructive solutions (e.g., Based on our analysis of this hospitality organization, managers should not spend too much budget on training. The current budget
(X %) is too high compared to the industry average (Y %). We propose to reduce the current budget to the industry average and spend the rest in activities to increase employee motivation. The specific suggestions for increasing motivation are presented in the next section).
-References: the final report should cite a minimum 13 references in APA style.

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