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INDIVIDUAL Assignment 4: Brand Story

All great marketers are storytellers. The real power of branding lies in crafting and telling a great story about the product, person, service or cause were selling.  A brand story recounts the series of events that sparked a companys/brands inception and expresses how that narrative still drives the brands mission and strategy today.  A compelling brand story helps your audience  remember, develop empathy for, and, ultimately, care about the brand.  For this exercise:
Find ONE example of a brand story that has attracted your attention because the messages and story prompted you to engage with the brand. Discuss why do you think this is a good story.

When you are answering the above question, think about the following.
-What is the tone of the brand story? (e.g., Friendly? Authoritative? )
-What brand personality is conveyed in the story? (e.g., Elegant? Sophisticated? Trustworthy? Rebellious?)
-Who would be the face of this brand? (e.g., a specific celebrity, athlete, so on)
-What is the message conveyed to the audience?
-Are there any values or a specific bran mission being conveyed?
-How does the brand convince you to engage with it and/or purchase its products services?

You are to decide which brand you are to choose. The brand story you are analyzing can be a video (e.g., MatchaBar (below) or the brand story written in their website (e.g., SoulCycle)  A couple of brands that might be interesting to look at include (but are not limited to):

MatchaBar :
Burts Bees :
LG GallusCam:
Innocent Drinks:
SoulCycle :
Ben & Jerrys:

Any topic (writer’s choice)
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