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To prepare:  identify a social problem that is common among the organization (or its clients) and research current policies at that state and federal levels that impact the social problem. Then, from a position of advocacy, identify methods to address the social problem (i.e., how you, as a social worker, and the agency advocate to change the problem). You are expected to specifically address how both you and the agency can effectively engage policymakers to make them aware of the social problem and the impact that the policies have on the agency and clients.

The Assignment (1-2 pages):

1)Identify the social problem
2)Explain rational for selecting social problem
3)Describe state and federal policies that impact the social problem
4)Identify specific methods to address the social problems
5)Explain how the agency and student can advocate to change the social problem

The agency I work with is Badlands human service centre

the population we serve is “People with acute, severe symptoms are served right away. Others may be served within one to several days or maybe referred to other community behavioural health service providers.”

Meaning we serve the poor, my thought for a social problem is the gap between the poor and the working class those who can’t necessarily afford services yet we can’t take.

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