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Write out a reflection paper that highlights the following points..  You are not to use any information from your textbook or online research information.  You are to write based upon your brief experience in the class about the following important facets of the two stylistic periods.

Part I: The Middle Ages/Medieval Period
1. Describe in detail the characteristics of the Middle Ages or The Medieval Period.  Include in your statements:
a. The social characteristics of the period
b. The musical characteristics including the instruments, composers, styles of music, and how music was used both in the church – Catholic and outside of the church.  Include statements about the styles of music outside of the church and the kinds of instruments used for entertainment purposes
c. Describe the social characteristics of the three classes of people in the Middle Ages

Part II: The Renaissance Period
2. Write a reflection narrative about The Renaissance Period.
a. Write several pargraphical statements about The Renaissance Period social characteristics.  Why is this time period referred to as the Renaissance Period?  Include in your discussion the styles of music, the composers who wrote the songs, the instruments used during this time period. Include a discussion on what did people do to live and entertain themselves during this period.
b.  Write information about two contributors to the visual and literary arts.
c. Describe the social life of people in Europe during The Renaissance Period.

The deadline date for this Mid-term assignment is April 16, 2020.

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