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Discussion Post:
1.Based on your reading of Fuentes, Chapter 11, when did our ancestors first begin using science (even if it wasn’t named “science”)?
2.Give an example of something that a child might do that follows the basic pattern of science–even if it isn’t formally called “science.”

Respond to the posts of at least two of your peers.

Reply to Classmate 1:
1. Based upon the reading, I believe that humans have always used science since they first walked the earth. On page 254 it states that “science emerged early in the history of the genus.” Making useful tools like ropes and tools to hunt have been embedded in the human DNA to help them get food. That creative mindset that humans have has transformed science into something that our ancestors could have never dreamed of. Starting a fire to cook with has been one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. 
2. If a child does something in order to have a specific outcome occur then that is the basic pattern of science. If they cry in order to get food or attention then that child learns overtime that all they have to do is cry in order to achieve that specific goal.

Reply to Classmate 2:
1. What I took from this week’s reading is that science has always been prevalent in society, even before it had a name, back when primitive beings beat rocks together and hoped that the outcome would be fire. No matter what string of letters you put together to describe it, “science” really just is the practice of expanding one’s knowledge by doing new, hands on things.
2. Mimicking is probably the best example of what children do that closely follows the definition of “science”. When kids are really little, they try to follow the actions of others and repeat them because it helps them learn about emotions and communication among members of the human species. Similarly, “science” seeks to use the knowledge of others and build upon it to create new knowledge. 

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