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Linked below from WNYU studios is a podcast about Color (Links to an external site.) an hour long in three chapters, listen to all three segments my personal fevered is the chapter on Blue. Once the canvas site goes live you will be asked for your comments an observations in response to this podcast and the videos in the discution section. Below you will also find links to two different episodes of Art in the 21st century which if you’ve not already encountered it is an excellent public television series in which artists speak about their work without filter or commentary by others. Within the two episodes linked here there are two artists in particular that I want you to look at the first being Ronnie Horn (Links to an external site.) in the second being Gabrielle Orozco (Links to an external site.) neither of these artists are strictly photographers rather they are multidisciplinary artists that use photography as one of many ways of engaging the world around them. I am assigning them because I thank that their strategies and philosophical relationships to art making could be useful in thanking about making work in a time of social distancing. As a bonus are 21 episodes always feature several artists and I would encourage you to watch the entire episode and not just skip to the two artists that I’ve mentioned. There are two other artist in these episodes that I think are particularly interesting, Fred Wilson and Collier Schorr. Colliers is someone we will be talking about later this the quarter in relationship to constructed images and narrative. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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