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Black/Jewish Conflict

1968 Teachers Strike

James Baldwin
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Malcom X

Newark Riots

Video and Reading Questions

1. What was life for James Baldwin growing up in Harlem? What does Baldwin think has gone wrong in Harlem in the 1960s? What had changed for the worst? What were the problems for African Americans in America generally? See the reading for further details, pages 741-749.
2. What led to conflict between blacks and Jews in New York in the 1960s over schools? Why did these former allies begin to fight? How did the Jewish and Black experience diverge in New York?
3. What does Malcolm X encourage his followers to do both politically and personally in New York and America? What does he think is wrong in New York and in America?
4. From the newsreel on the Newark riots, do you get any sense of what encouraged rioting? From the Brownsville, Baldwin, and Malcolm X videos, and readings, can you sense any clues to the reason for riots? Was it simply a matter of law and order?
5. What are the issues in Bed-Sty described on pages 798-807? What are the solutions proposed?
6. What do the Regional Planners see as the challenges for New York going forward? How have the concerns in their reports changed over time? see pages 776-778.

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