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Read the following two articles and answer the questions below. Please submit your answers to the questions through Canvas by 1:30 pm on Monday April 6.


(1) Nestle M. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): History, Politics, and Public Health Implications. AJPH. 2019. 109 (12): 1631-1635. 

(2) Keith-Jennings B, Llobrera J,  Dean S. AJPH. 2019. 109 (12): 1636-1640.


(1) What was the purpose of the report?

(2) List the three largest anti-poverty/welfare programs in the USA.

(3) Why would it be difficult to dissolve the SNAP program?

(4) What are the public health consequences of food insecurity? How do they differ in adults versus children?

(5) When and how did the food stamp program become entangled with food industry/makers of processed foods?

(6) List 3 recent proposed SNAP reforms (2017-present) described in the report.


(7) What was the purpose of this report?

(8) Describe figure 2.

(9) Describe figure 4.

Synthesis of Nestle and Keith-Jennings:

(10) Taking information from the two articles together (Nestle and Keith-Jennings), make a list of ways to improve SNAP outreach, eligibility, and benefits.

Homework rubric
Homework rubric
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5.0 pts
Quality work
Thoughtful and insightful; demonstrates clear understanding of key concepts
4.0 pts
Strong work
Demonstrates decent understanding of concepts; some minor mistakes or misunderstandings
3.0 pts
Good effort
Most questions answered correctly
2.0 pts
All questions attempted
Responses inarticulate or difficult to understand
1.0 pts
Did not answer all questions
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Not turned in
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