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Marketing Plan
Certificate in Business Professionalism
In any business there needs to be a viable, well thought out marketing plan. Whether you work for a company or want to have your own company, it is good for you to be aware of the components of what comprises a good marketing plan and how to communicate it to potential investors, board members or company executives. This exercise will give you an authentic experience on creating your own marketing plan.
Think about a passion of your that you could create your own company or market. Once you make that selection, using your text and any other external information, develop a viable marketing plan that has all the core components. You may want to use this marketing plan outline to support you in this effort. Each week you will need to be developing the content for each component listed below.
The components of the Marketing Plan assignment are as follows:
    Executive Summary
o    This is a document that you could present to the decision makers, Board or CEO of the company. It is succinct and hits the high points of the plan in its entirety
    Company description
    Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage
    Situation analysis (SWOT)
    Competition Analysis
    Target Markets
    Points of Difference
    Promotion/Marketing Strategy (This is the most important part of your paper, and should have the most focus; see rubric for requirements; collateral materials such as print ads and examples of social media posts, etc., will count toward the page count, but please remember that you are graduate students and I expect graduate level work.)
NOTE: This is expected to be a 15 pages, professional document.

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