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This assignment will assess competency 1: Assess the legal environment as it relates to Human Resources.
Directions: Choose a company whose policies or actions have allegedly violated the rights given to employees under the law. A source for current cases can be the National Labor Relations Board or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Analyze the employers actions that resulted in the case. What substantive right have they allegedly violated? How were they violated? What action should the company take to mitigate or prevent this situation in the future? (e.g. creation of policies and procedures, training, etc.) Assuming you are the human resources manager, outline a plan for legal compliance. As a guide, your paper should include 700-1000 words of content, a title page, and a reference page. As a guide, include 3-5 scholarly references.
Your analysis should be at a high level, meeting all content required in the Assignment presented.
All work should be completed following APA guidelines contained in the Publications Manual, 6th edition. Please ensure that your work is properly cited. A failure to properly cite sources may result in a grade reduction or a grade of zero.

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