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Summary information and analysis shown in more detail throughout the other marketing plan sections in two to three paragraphs. Remember, the executive summary should only include information summarized and taken from the other marketing plan sections. It should be thorough but succinct.
As a review, the marketing plan consists of the following sections listed below.
    Executive Summary
    Situation Analysis
o    Market Summary
o    SWOT Analysis (i.e., analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
o    Competition
o    Product Offerings
o    Distribution
    Marketing Strategy
o    Objectives
o    Target Markets
o    Positioning
o    Strategies
o    Marketing Mix
o    Marketing Research
o    Implementation
o    Marketing Organization
Remember, the final marketing plan project should not contain information that was simply copied and pasted from previously completed assignments. Your Unit VII Final Project should contain a condensed summary of each of the sections previously submitted to form the concise final project. You should also include an introduction to your final marketing project. This assignment should be at least three pages in length and consist of the executive summary and the section summaries.

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