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There are a number of movies, TV shows, and books that are based on a character who is diagnosed with a psychological disorder. Sometimes Hollywood portrays the disorder as more romantic than in reality. Pick a character in a movie or TV show who is diagnosed with a psychological disorder and analyze it according to what you have learned about that disorder.

So, if the character can’t hold a job because of his/her OCD then discuss this. Also, if the character develops coping mechanisms discuss this as well. You don’t have to explain the plot of the movie or show, just the character’s struggle in life and. You can use your textbook but you also need another source for your information and then put that source in your reference page. I will subtract 10 marks if you don’t have your reference page.

You are not allowed direct quotations and you can’t use Wikipedia for your information. You can add personal information but the main part of this paper is from general sources that I can access, like a website. Your paper should be a minimum of 300 words (for a C grade).  Paraphrase everything and run your paper through the plagiarism checker to ensure that you don’t get a 0 on this assignment.  Plagiarism occurs when you use someone else’s words and pass them off as your own.  General phrases are not considered, nor is your reference or bibliography. Let me know if you have any questions.

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