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Part 1 -Project Management Trends  page
Project management has evolved through centuries into what we know today. In the 1950s and 1960s, project management became predominate in such areas as the military and aerospace. Today, project management is commonplace in many businesses.
As the use of project management expanded into IT and other business sectors, new tools and techniques have been created. With this in mind, address the following:
    What are some common trends that you see in project management today?
    What tools and techniques are most commonly used in project management?
    Are these tools useful in all types of projects, or only in specific types? Explain your responses.
    What trends do you foresee in the upcoming years in project management, considering that in understanding our present, we can also anticipate the future?

Part 2 -Reflection page
You were introduced to many different tools and techniques for managing a business-type or IT-type project. Some of these tools focus on the schedule of a project, some focus on the cost, some focus on quality, while others can be used to focus on all three.
Take a few moments and identify at least three ideas, tools, or techniques that you have learned from this course, and which you plan to use as a project manager. What will be most helpful to you? Why?

Part 3 -Time, Costs, and Quality Management Plan ( Bringing it all together )
Final project management plan and final project schedule in Microsoft Project. Your final plan should be in the following format.
    Table of Contents.
    Executive Summary
    Scope Management Plan
    Time Management Plan
    Cost Management Plan
    Quality Management Plan
    Project Lessons Learned / Reflection
    Reference List.


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