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Your main goal is to find out, how well your chosen company has integrated the principles of CSR (i.e. environment, social, ethics, Human Rights, legal compliance etc) into their business as reported in their CSR report. Remember, CSR concept is closely connected with sustainable development, management, philanthropy and various forms of donations as well. Identify what your chosen organization mainly focuses on (e.g. a comprehensive focus on multiple aspects of CSR or just sustainability only). Evaluate and discuss the scope and legitimacy of your organizations chosen corporate projects for institutionalizing social responsibility including the level of responsibility the company claims for and relationship of CSR practices to companys financial performance. There should be an executive summary of your report. The company is Nintendo.

Some aspects to keep in mind while you analyze the report!
focus on these two questions, this is only a part of the essay.
1. Does the CSR report present future goals as well as past practices?

2. Anything else you learned about this company in particular that was an eye opener/lesson to be shared with your audience?

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