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Discussion 6.1: Tips and Resources

1. Provide a follow up response to the noted below classmate’s discussion post below

“Accessing electronic guidelines and medications information through applications in the clinical
rotation are the most practical means of accessing resources for me and quickly looking up a medication before prescribing it.  Epocrates RX is a widely used resource for medication information including drug interactions, contraindications and dosing (Epocrates, 2015).  I use this for clinical patients’ encounters and cases presentation to my preceptor in debriefing. This app will provide you with names (brand and generic), patient-specific dosages (adult, pediatric, renal, elderly) routes of administration and how the medication is supplied (tabs, capsules, IV, topical, etc…). The best part is that this version is free. However, with the upgrade and for fees version, you will get the ICD code 10 for a given patient. This upgrade version also offers clinical practice guideline for the using of a variety of medication in different populations

UpToDate is another great evidence-based resource as its offered reliable information, is easy to use and provide access to quick answers to clinical questions. Although an individual subscription is required to access UpToDate we are actually lucky to have this resource provided to us free of charge through our Maryville University library account. Once an account is registered with the UpToDate through the Maryville University library, my tip is to download the application and use the Maryville University logging credential to gain access to that website through a handheld device. Having a resources such as UpToDate provides an evidence-based guidelines on whether certain drugs or approaches are recommended or whether a treatment plan has any downsides will ultimately lead to the patients best outcomes

Great luck to everyone on this journey”


  Epocrates (2015). Epocrates: an athenaheath services. Retrieved from :

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