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IR221 Project Brief
The Topic is about:  How much has the creation of BRICS influenced the relationship of these 5 countries over the years.

Students are required to provide an analysis that evaluates the origins and/or development of international relations over the 20th century in relation to a specific topic or issue.

The analysis should:

Analyze and evaluate the subject critically and adequately.
Identify and propose concerns to be considered.
Present diplomatic solutions or proposals intended to address those concerns.
Hypothesize, identify, and support a proposal most likely to successfully address the noted concerns.

Your selected topic/focus must be approved by your course instructor.
An acceptable analysis should be 2000 words (+/- 10%) integrating a minimum of 3 academic sources (evidenced by citations). (The word count should not include the title page, an abstract, reference pages, appendices, etc.)
Review through SafeAssign is included during the submission process.
Before submitting your paper, you should make sure it addresses all of the course learning outcomes as identified below and in the course syllabus.
Your project must be APA formatted.

Any topic (writer’s choice)
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