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My Theory of Family Therapy 

The purpose of this critical assignment is for students to compose an essay that explains their personal theory of family therapy based on the knowledge they have gained about various family therapy theories throughout this semester. As such, students are tasked with contemplating their personal convictions and preferences about how to best theorize the family therapy process. In other words, students should think about what theories and research they encountered during this semester that were most convincing to them. For example, what is the best explanation for how families change and grow? Is it from disrupting homeostasisor improving levels of differentiationor clarifying boundariesor changing attachment patterns? Or some combination of those? These are the kinds of questions that students should ask themselves as they are preparing to write this paper. Students may choose to discuss their personal theory based on one existing theory of family therapy or they may decide to integrate two or more existing theories together. An article about integrative models in couples and family therapy by Smith & Southern (2005) is available in the critical assignment link for your reference.

This essay should include at least 6 peer-reviewed journal articles. Students may also cite the course textbook, but that citation should be in addition to the 6 journals. Below is a detailed outline of what should be included in the body of the essay. For this paper, you are required to use the following headings throughout the paper. A suggested page-length for each section of the body of the paper is offered below:

(1/2 page) Introduction introduce the paper and what you intend to discuss.
(1 page) Therapist-Family Relationship discuss what you believe is the best type of relationship that the counselor and family should maintain. Should it be one of close collaboration? Or should it be one where the therapist is more distant? Or somewhere in between? Please explain and give a research-based rationale for your assertions.
(1 page) How Do Families Change? discuss your theory of how families change and grow in the therapy process. What does your theory suggest are some of the key components necessary for families to change? What is your theory-based rationale for why that would help families change and improve?
(1 page) Counseling Techniques discuss 2-3 foundational techniques that you think are vital for the family therapy process. What is/are the theory(ies) behind why these techniques work in therapy? Is there research to support the effectiveness of the techniques?
(1 page) Multicultural Competence discuss your personal theory about the necessity of multicultural awareness and competence within the counseling process (i.e., why is it important to be aware of multicultural issues when counseling diverse populations?). Please provide research evidence for the benefits of being a multiculturally-aware therapist when it comes to therapeutic outcomes such as improvement satisfaction, and low drop-out rates.
(1 page) Faith and Personal Influence discuss to what degree your personal theory of family therapy is influenced by your faith beliefs and personal/cultural background. How does your faith and/or life experience impact your beliefs about family therapy effectiveness?
(1/2 page) Conclusion include any concluding remarks necessary.

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