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Each team, prior to submitting the first real decision, will submit a Business Strategy document (PowerPoint Slides), consisting of:
    The Global Vision and Mission of the Company;
    The Goals and Objectives (Strategic [3 years] and Tactical [next year]) for each market segment.  The Objectives ought to be stated in terms of metrics, such as market share, unit shipments, PQ (for multifunction and basic cameras only), etc.;
    The Marketing Strategy for each targeted market segment; and
    Corporate Financial and Operating Strategy.
One score will be given for the Business Strategy, based on the alignment of the concepts discussed in class with the four aforementioned components (M4O1).

After the 3rd period, co-managers will adjust their initial strategic plan and business policies. Regardless of the degree of adjustment, each company will submit the new strategic plan (Power Point slides) and a written addendum specifying the changes. In that addendum, students must indicate the areas of concern, as identified by the simulation and the subsequent what-if analyses, and a resulting solution that the team implemented. One score is given based on the ability to derive a solution to the tactical area of concern within the framework of the strategy (M1O2).

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