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First you need to read an article then write questions below:—


Please copy and paste the assignment prompts into a word processing document, and record your responses beneath the prompts. Please use full sentences, appropriate grammar, and present content in your own words (i.e. do not copy and paste content from the article, do not rely on direct quotes).

Assignment Prompts:

1.  What was the purpose of this study?

2.  Briefly, describe the study procedures.

3.  Briefly, summarize the study results.

4. The interview techniques used for this study are described as semi-structured. Review the questions included in these interviews (Tables 2 &3). Would you describe the questions included as open-ended, or closed-ended? Explain the strengths/limitations of the approach used.

5. Describe this study’s sampling methods. Reflecting on sampling content covered in this module, how would you label the sampling technique used?

6. Connect the sampling technique identified in prompt 4 to the concept of external validity. In other words, how do the sampling methods used in this study influence its external validity?

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