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This assignment will evaluate students ability to generate and communicate knowledge of the food service industry gained during this module.

Sanitation and safety are two topics food and beverage managers cannot ignore.  Sanitation must be addressed at every stage of the food-handling process. Safety concerns are just as vital.  Food service managers have a personal, professional, and legal responsibility to provide safe conditions for employees and guest. The assignment will focus on the sanitation and safety.

After watching video,(see attached) you have to make instructions on:

Preventing cuts
Preventing burns
Preventing fires
Preventing injuries from machines and equipment
Preventing falls
Preventing strains and injuries from lifting

Your own style and total number of words.
Cover page: module name, code, your name, and student ID. An Assignment Cover Page will be available on Canvas
Font 12 of Times New Roman with 1.5 spacing and one-inch margin
Pages are to be numbered at the bottom center of the page
The editorial style of the American Psychological Association (APA) for citation of references has to be followed. Information can be accessed via Canvas subject modules as to APA referencing requirements.

Any topic (writer’s choice)
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