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Read chapter 12 Business Presentations and choose three of the following questions to answer (250 words or more):

1. Why should even practiced speakers plan their presentations when addressing a business audience instead of just winging it?

2. Communicatedont decorate. This principle is one of 20 rules that graphic designer and educator Timothy Samara discusses in his book Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual. How could you apply this principle to the design of your PowerPoint

3. What are detractors saying about PowerPoint, and why are they condemning it? Can you present a counterargument?

4. Communication expert Dianna Booher believes that Humor anchors key points and makes your message memorable. Discuss the role of humor in business presentations.

5. Communication expert Dianna Booher claims that enthusiasm is infectious and boredom is contagious.
What does this mean for you as a presenter? How can you avoid being a boring speaker?


Please watch the following video on presentations:

Write 250 words or more about the following:

1. What are the three most interesting points that the speaker is making? Why do you find them interesting?
2. What are your thoughts on the video? Support your answer with dialogue and examples.

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