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When Thorstein Veblen first used the term conspicuous consumption, he was referring to a phenomenon among the upper classes.  Today, however, conspicuous consumption is a pattern of behavior sociologists see among the middle and working classes.  This assignment helps us see, today, the relevance of social theory developed a century ago.  Moreover, it will help us move from knowledge about a concept to sociological application of it.  The purpose of this discussion is to help us be able to explain conspicuous consumption it its contemporary manifestation, identify instances of conspicuous consumption in everyday life, and apply the concept to the world around us.


Identify three excellent examples of conspicuous consumption you come across in your daily life and take a picture of each item separately.  (Three pictures; one per item.

Begin your post with a brief explanation of conspicuous consumption.
Embed each of your three images into your discussion post.
To embed, click the camera icon in the discussion box toolbar and follow the prompts.
Edit the image as necessary: images should be visible on a standard computer screen without scrolling or enlarging. 
rotate the image as needed
resize the image as needed
Under each image, in 2-3 sentences
describe each item and its context (where, when, who…)
describe what the item signifies
describe at least one other social meaning that might be assigned to these items if viewed from a different perspective
Conclude your post with a brief explanation of the purpose conspicuous consumption serves and the societal factors that encourage conspicuous consumption.
Incorporate course material into your post to support your claims/arguments.
Be sure to cite the information you incorporated correctly using MLA, ASA, or APA style.

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