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At this time, I don’t have a topic yet, you can use any real-world problem.

Please submit well-formatted proposal describing your selected topic (real-world problem), why it is important to you (or world), and how it utilizes big data. Use Part 1 of the Final Project Information/Requirements as a plan for your proposal.

Final project requirements
Final Project Requirements
1. Final Project Paperwork should be focused on the following:

What problem you are trying to solve, benefits, drawbacks, challenges.
Describe briefly the working example your project demonstrates.
Produce a detailed document with a relatively complete description of your project and a list of what worked, what did not, and why not.
2. Demo and working code:

Produce a single simple working demo.
Use your best judgment to select an example that illustrates key features, i.e. service, API or framework you are working on.
Provide neatly organized and complete working code. Please note, that a project will not be given any points if a working demo and the code are missing or not working (if applicable).
3. Some projects might involve installation of a set of additional libraries or packages. Detailed prescription describing all installations is considered a part of the working code. You classmates must be able to reproduce your work based only on the information you provide them.

4. Final Project Presentation Video : 15-20 minutes length! Your can create a Youtube video and post the link or upload the Video file into Week 6 Discussion Project Presentation Thread

5. Data source file/files – all raw data sources MUST be provided  (if applicable).

6. Data Set Size – minimum of 1 million observations and minimum 5 attributes.

Any topic (writer’s choice)
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