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Family Final Paper Assignment The final paper is worth 40 points or 22% of your overall grade for the semester. The paper should be 10-12 pages in length, including a cover page and citations and bibliography, in a standard-sized font (11or 12 point) and double-spaced. The paper is due on Friday, November 20th by 5 p.m. in the designated Dropbox.  I will not accept late papers unless you have a compelling reason and speak to me at least three days in advance of the due date. Learning objectives:  a) apply course material to an issue about family of your choice, and b) understand the difference between media framing of social issues and scholarship. Follow these steps: 1. Select any topic in family studies, whether we have discussed it or not (examples are listed). The historical scope is not limited to the contemporary world or the last century. Your discussion may focus on the United States or any other country/comparison you wish. 2. Select 3-5 print/online-only articles or extended television segments in the news media that discuss this issue they can be Op-Eds, Longform articles, or traditional length articles in newspapers and magazines. (If you elect to use any television news segments, please do not use more than two. Cite them in the paper with a link and try to retrieve a transcript or carefully take notes of exact quotations.) 3. Choose 3-5 peer-reviewed academic articles or books published on university presses discussing the topic. (I will list examples of common journals covering family issues.) 4. Compare the media framing of the issue to the findings and arguments in the scholarly articles. Explain the differences and similarities in treatment of the issue, and the implications of these differences regarding cultural values, economic realities, social structure, and history. Note: Opinion pieces from personal blogs (always list sources) do not count towards your media sources or academic sources. Examples of Family Topics (Your Choice is not limited to this list): Female or Male Breadwinner Families Working Mothers Women in Traditionally Male Occupations (STEM, business, law, politics)Single Parenthood (Mothers and Fathers) Dating,Hookup Culture, and Courtship Household Division of Labor Outsourcing Domestic and Care Work Religion and Family Sex Scandals LGBTQ Youth

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