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Project 3- Network Security Design
Create a proposal (5 pages minimum 7 maximum with explanation & network diagram in WORD(.DOC format) with the recommendations and diagram network architecture that will allow the interconnectivity of 4 different locations (Headquarter site in New York and Los Angles and remote site in Florida as well as Chicago)  for Cookie Distribution Company INC. . The following are the business requirements and architecture details:
1.    Cookie Distribution Company INC. two (2) central headquarters 1st one in New York and 2nd in Los Angles that send file 6 to 8 hours a day and send large files back and forth which consist of cookie store order, online order and update cookie product catalog information including cookie graphic and cookie marketing videos. How would you connect both the sites?
    Discuss WAN topology bandwidth (such type of connection T1, Frame Relay or OC-4) ?
    Show connectivity diagram with devices such as firewall, router, IDS, proxies, etc and explain the diagram (routing protocols and network protocols)?
    In addition to diagram, describe the protocols that will be utilized and provide properly explanation to the reason protocol should be implemented?
    Due to growth in business, Cookie Distribution Company INC. would like to build an online secure site presence (online product order & catalog) to serve rest of country? In addition, Cookie Distribution Company INC. would like to internally host all content and monitoring sales that would require the organization to build an internet infrastructure.
i.    Provide a detailed diagram of the Internet hosting topology with all devices.
ii.    What types of networking device are required for the internet hosting infrastructure?
iii.    What types of protocols are required for the Internet infrastructure?
iv.    Discuss the interconnectivity between the Cookie Distribution Company INC. Intranet and Internet ?
2.    Provide the types of server that will be required for host web traffic, email and connecting 300 desktop users in New York office and 250 desktop users in Los Angeles office? (Please explain the # of network required and security details )
3.    Cookie Distribution Company INC. also has two remote locations 3rd that is located in Florida (100 end-users) and 4th in Chicago (50 end users) will be required to connect with to the locations which are sales offices.
    Remote office require connectivity at the end of the day to upload daily/other periodic sales reports and cookie order that total less than 5 megabytes of data.
    How does the business use a network to share information?
    What services does the network need to provide?
    What resources are needed?
    What are the requirements for network protocols, applications, performance, and security?
    These are the most important questions to consider in the beginning stages of design.
    Based on work patterns and how does this affect the placement of servers, high-bandwidth links, and other physical components?
    Furthermore, as the lead security network engineer must determine the scope of the applications requiring network communication. For example, most networks consist of at least some use of applications such as SSH, FTP, telnet, and web browsing for all sites?

Please make sure all of the questions are discussed and answers are explained properly. 

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