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submitted as one paper 4 to 5 pages of content)

Using the same subject/topic you selected in the Identifying a Research Question assignment:

Which is substance abuse and if you can tie in mental health

Part One

    Please repeat the quantitative research question that you should have already come up with or have been working with so far. Briefly discuss those variables in that question and operationally define those. (i.e., when we operationally define a variable it is how we are going to measure that variable in our study. We can find how to do that by looking at how others have done it in previous studies. How these are defined need to be seen in the questions in our survey.)
    Develop a survey based on all the suggestions in the chapters and how you have operationally defined the variables in the question above. Make sure to have 20 questions and do not forget the scale. You need to have the question/statement and the scale needs to be out to the side of EACH of these questions/statements that you have. Please remember to put directions on this.
    Discuss what this could bring to your study that qualitative data could not.

Part Two

    Think about the topic that you have been looking at thus far and come up with a qualitative piece for it. Think about what type of question or questions you might want to ask of the data that would lend itself more qualitatively. Meaning, come up with one or two qualitative research questions.
    Come up with a list of 10 open-ended questions that you would want to ask your target population if doing an interview with each person.
    Explain the reasons why qualitative data would be good for this piece and what can it bring to the table that quantitative cannot.


    Use APA headings to identify which section is which.  I suggest you title each section by the type of research you are discussing (Qualitative Study and Quantitative Study).  You will be doing this in the final paper anyway.
    Please remember that the way I can determine your understanding and grasp of the material is for you to take what you read and apply it. Reiteration of the text does not demonstrate understanding. Rephrasing of the text does not demonstrate understanding. Think about how you would explain, describe or discuss a topic with someone who does not know much about the subject. Be sure you are demonstrating understanding and gained knowledge, not just the ability to identify, locate and rephrase content from your text or other sources.

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