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This assignment is about writing an informal report recommending a company action based on a technical analysis.


Youve received a promotion at DeepBlue Ocean Informatics. As part of Janvis development team, you helped resolve DOIs fish detection model. Janvi was promoted to head of operations and gave you responsibilities for special projects in her department.

Business is booming. DOI is hiring more people, gaining new customers, and being asked for more help from existing customers. The company has changed from a one-city startup to 328 people working in 11 countries. Almost all employees work from their homes. New hires are joining the company at the rate of 10-20 a month. Since the global pandemic, video conferencing has gone from nice to have to must have, and with such rapid growth, each department has been using the video conferencing tool of their choice.

Janvi wants to standardize DOI’s video conferencing to a single platform. She believes the company will be able to better track new features, ease connectivity between employees, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver more comprehensive training during on-boarding. She knows you have been researching video conference tools. She regards you as a trusted go-to person.

She wants you to recommend the best platform for DOI’s needs.


Prepare the first draft of a report that recommends a single video conferencing tool for the company.

Include internal and external factors that influence the choice.
Interpret the facts you gathered in Written 4.1 to arrive at conclusions based on the DOIs needs.
Justify your recommendation based on the facts contained in your report.
This first draft should include, in this order:

Details (your summaries and illustrations from Written 4.1) 
References  (your references from Written 4.1 – with any additions from the new material)
This will be a total of 2 – 4 new pages, plus any additions to references. See below for a suggested breakdown.


1 – What citation method should I use?

Use IEEE. 

2 – Is this a .ppt or word or PDF document?

Use MS Word and submit as a PDF file.

2 – What size font and how much spacing should I use?

Use a 12 point serif font (e.g. Times New Roman) for the body text. Make paragraphs single-spaced. Choose headings and layouts based on CRAP principles applied to documents. 

3 – Should I use paragraphs or bullet points?

Use full paragraphs.

4 – Can you provide more detail about what should be in each section?

SUMMARY – .5 page (NEW)
A condensed version of the full report
Gives a complete understanding of the elements without further reading
BACKGROUND/CONTEXT – .5 – 1.5 pages (NEW)
Reason, scope, internal and external factors that might influence the decision
Helps the reader consider more than the specific tools under review

DETAILS – 2-4 pages (EXISTING)
Your factual summaries and illustrations from Written 4.1

CONCLUSIONS – 1 – 2 pages (NEW)
Interpretations of the facts presented and offers original insights
Justifies the recommendation for a single tool to be selected

from Written 4.1 plus any additions from the new sections
5 – Do I include the material I did for 4.1?

Yes, cut-and-paste your work from 4.1 into 4.2 to form a complete document.

6 – Should I make corrections to 4.1?

There is no benefit to making changes in your 4.1 material. Only the new sections will be graded for this assignment.

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